COVID Update

Sisters and brothers,

Cross Lanes United Methodist Church is an active faith community. I know it has been difficult to be away from our building, yet we know the church is more than the building.

We are the church together. Together, we will continue to utilize every tool at our disposal to grow in love of God and neighbor even as we lovingly, faithfully, cautiously approach our in-person gatherings. Together, we will continue to:

In addition to these digital platforms,  the following in-person opportunities are available:

  • Sermon on the Sidewalk: Join Pastor Krysta on Sundays in the church parking lot at 11:00am for a 20-25 minute service of word and prayer. For the first season of gathering this way, we will deliver the service into your car with an FM transmitter. You will given an opportunity to text your joys and concerns by texting krystarexrod127 to 37607, and then sharing your prayer request. To learn more about Sermon on the Sidewalk click here.
  • Communion by appointment: Pastor Krysta is going to serve Communion by appointment throughout the month to offer enough time slots for all who desire to take the elements. Communion will be served in the sanctuary. Participants are encouraged to sign up in family units or with others with whom they have quarantined. Where family units are not able to sign up together, small groups of no more than 8 people will be grouped together. Sign up here.

If you are not yet connected to the Digest contact Communications chairperson, Jerry Meadows.