We Are The Church

May 31, 2020
At Pentecost the disciples’ unity was bigger than their central location. The power of the Holy Spirit made them one body, under one mission, with one faith. The power of the Holy Spirit expanded the community so that a variety of cultures, languages, and traditions could express the good news of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. The power of the Holy Spirit, drew in people who did not even know they were looking for good news. The power of Holy Spirit made a family out of strangers. The power of the Holy Spirit emboldened Peter—yes Peter who denied knowing Jesus at the crucifixion—to speak to the masses. The power of the Holy Spirit defined what church would be for Jesus’s followers. Church was more than a building. The people were the church. A fellowship of people who practiced reconciliation, forgiveness, grace, and unity. The Church was to be made up of people from all walks of life, who were brave enough to live out and to tell God’s story first in their homes, and then wherever else their feet would take them.
Passage: Acts 2: 1-21